dinsdag 2 maart 2010

I'll have that d'orsay?

Long before I found my wedding dress I knew what kind of shoe I wanted to wear. I love shoes and I am crazy about designer shoes. Besides, if I would buy ‘traditional wedding shoes’ wouldn’t that be a complete waste of money? I could splurge and get wicked designer shoes that I would be able to wear after my wedding day.

I have fallen hard for the Manolo Blahnik’s d’orsay pump. She is available in many colours, and it has some bling on the toe. What more could a girl wish for?

They are not easy to find, I’m not even sure a store in the Netherlands will sell these babies. But I won’t be shopping online for them if I’m not convinced it is a respectable store. There are just so many copy cats out there, and I’m not willing to spend even $20 on a fake pair.

I found these beauties on Neiman Marcus:

Sadly the colours that available now just aren’t as bright as I would want them to be. They would be a great addition to my collection, just not for the wedding. And if I’m going to spend $715 on my wedding shoes I am going to have to love-love-love them. Like these purple beauties.

For now, I will just keep dreaming about them.

Do you have a dream shoe for your wedding?

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Cute! Love the shoes!! :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! Hope to have you back again soon!!

  2. Although I think the shoes are really cute, I'm often wondering whether a pair that is so expensive is really, say, 10 times better than other, more reasonably priced shoes.

    But then again, I'm more of a 6pm shoes under $25 shopper than a couture shopper, so that probably tells you what my conclusion was regarding my little internal $ vs. quality discussion.


  3. For a bargain hunter kind of girl, this is really my weakness. I can't really explain it, because it is a feeling

    I'm not sure if it's 10 times better then a cheaper shoe but I haven't found a cheap 3"+ heel that I can walk on all day.
    For high heels these puppies are just so darn comfortable. ;)