vrijdag 19 maart 2010

A ceremony theme

Earlier I talked about our personal ceremony. We were at a blank coming up with ideas. Without the script of a Catholic mass, we needed to find a theme.
Who would have guessed that my guy would come up with THE idea? I'll tell you, it wasn't me.

He was looking for songs to use at our wedding. Somehow that was the only wedding related task he applied for voluntary. Strange huh?

This was one of the songs he came up with:

One day I was listening to the words of this song and I realised that this was a perfect song for us. The song is in Dutch, so I'll guess I need to explain this one. Since that is kind of hard when you don't understand the words, I took the liberty in translating the verse.

I want to go to the left, you go to the right
I will chase you again.
I want to go forward, you want to go backwards
but we reach each other again each time

My song translation skills are terrible, it sounds better in Dutch, trust me.

The lyrics just grabbed me because it makes me think of our relationship. We are good together, but we both have our own ideas, and ways we want to handle things. When he tells me I shouldn't do something I just can't help myself and I have to do it. But just like in this song we do end up on the same page. And we do choose each other in the end.

Our lives have been very different. He didn't go to college but chose a profession as a carpenter, I did go to college and university and got my master of Science degree.
He still lived with his parents before we moved in together, I had been living in dorms an by myself for over seven years. Our music styles couldn't be more apart. Do I need to go on?

The theme we decided on was: "we joined each other on the same track (of life)".

Are you going to include a personal theme to your wedding ceremony? Did you have a song that inspired your wedding in some way?

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