dinsdag 16 maart 2010

A Personal Ceremony

We will not have a Catholic wedding ceremony. We are both raised Roman Catholic but we aren't practicing (anymore). It would feel silly to only go to church for weddings and funerals and then decide you want to have your marriage there. But the legal ceremony in City Hall is so short, and with so little room to add a personal touch, that we decided that instead of the (formal) church wedding we will include a personal ceremony in our day. Because this ceremony won't be following a strict script like a Roman Catholic marriage ceremony, we are able to fully decide the content of the ceremony. We can pick the music - all music not just Christian songs - we need to think of what we want to say, and who we will ask to speak during the ceremony.
But before we wanted to build our ceremnoy we had to find a suitable location. What location in the city would be able to accomodate all of our guests. The location also needs to be appropriate. Holding a personal ceremony in a bar didn't ring true to us. My mom – always eager to help with planning our wedding – gave us the perfect idea.

The “Lutheran church” in the centre of our city is no longer in use as a church and you are able to rent the space for private ceremonies.


The outside looks so cute, and the inside isery intimate. It's perfect! And the best part? The location was still available for our day and we were able to reserve it!

Would you ever consider a personal wedding ceremony?

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