zaterdag 27 maart 2010

Something to keep my girls occupied

We have two cute flowergirls in our weddingparty. But two little girls (age 3 and 5) need something extra to keep them happy. Just looking pretty in nice dresses, and being in a wedding won't be enough to keep them happy all day.

They have to sit through a legal ceremony of about 20 minutes and a personal ceremony of about 45 minutes. I think that's pretty long, they wil think it's boooooooring. They will need a distraction. They need something to do. I found the perfect stuff to make that happen! I found a lot of Princess themed items at the Zeeman and made a package for each girl.

I got them both a princess bagpack, a princess colorbook, a princess glass, princess and my little pony stickers and three princess barbiedolls. (Do you see a theme there?) We also hav this big box of colored penns and pencils.

We also found the perfect flower girl (bridesmaids) dresses for them, but that's for another post.

Too cute, don't you tink?
What will you be doing to occupy the young ones at your wedding?

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