donderdag 22 juli 2010


Ik ben verhuist... of mijn blog dan:


check it out!

dinsdag 22 juni 2010


Het heeft even geduurd, sinds mijn laatste blogje. Wat kan ik zeggen? Het leven kwam een beetje in de weg.... maar ondanks tegenslagen zijn we nu dan toch eindelijk getrouwd!!

donderdag 1 april 2010

What is really important?

I feel empty, tired and I am so sad.
My love isn't at home with me, he is in the hospital.

Yesterday when I came home from work the Mister was in bed with a splitting headache. We visited the centre of doctors (huisartsenpost) that operates after business hours. There the doctor thought he had a migraine, his first. But his bloodpressure was too high and we were referred to the emergency room in the hospital.
His bloodpressure was (and is) still too high and his bloodwork wasn't right, that's why this will be the second night I will be without my guy. The medics still don't know what''s wrong with him, but they are investigating kidney infection. But they don't know. Not knowing is terrible. I feel so helpless.

This recollection of previous events brings me to my question: what is really important? Flowers? The right shoes? The right dress> There is nothing like a tragic situation (I can't think of anything else) to set your priorities straight. I would trade it all if it would make my man healthy.

Now I am at home, alone with the dog, but I feel really alone it doesn't feel like home without him. This just makes me realise again how much I need him, and how much I want to be with him.

Did you have a moment you realised you really wanted to be with your significant other?

And do you have advise how I can make my first dress fitting tomorrow any fun? I was so looking forward to it, but now I just want to get back to my man.

dinsdag 30 maart 2010


We have been thinking a lot about the guestbook possibilities lately. To let out gests write their names and addresses the traditional guestbook offers seems kind of futile. We have invited them all, so we already know their addresses. And why would we ever look at a book with just names ever again? We want something we can look back to after the wedding. But what?

First I fell in love with the wishing tree. It looks wonderful, people get to add something besides their name. In my mothers backyard there is a huge Magnolia tree with beautiful branches, we could use a couple of branches from that tree to make a meaningful Wishingtree. But the Mister wasn’t sold on the idea. He shot down the wishing jar. He didn’t like the thumbprint family tree.

He couldn’t see the appeal of a bench that our guests would sign. Do you also see a trend here? Just when I was about to give up on the idea of a cool guestbook that would be different, original, fun and one that we would both like, I found a new contender.

Not only was the idea refreshing, but it would also have the potential to be a fun reminder of our wedding day. And… the Mister liked the idea!
Obviously an exact copy would be out of the question. We would be able to read this in English without much problems, but a lot of our (older) guests would have problems with filling in the English form. After a couple of translation attempts I found out that a direct translation to Dutch was easier said than done. Dutch sentences are built differently and to be able to give the guests options to fill in, I needed to include large open places and the word order in the sentences needed to be changed. A couple of days and DIY attempts later the Mister was still very much sold on this idea, but I started to second guess the idea.
This idea could work out perfectly, it gives our guests a chance to be funny and to make fun of us and I really do like that. But it could also fail miserably. I am somehow afraid that they will not get what is asked of them. What if this concept only confuses our guests?

If we don't want to confuse our guests, we could always ask them simple questions. The guestbookstore offers a concept that really appeals to me.

I love this concept! The pages can be translated, if I supply the translations, so there should be no problem for our guests.

We would like to have a silly picture taken of all guests (fauxtobooth anyone?), and what would be a more pefect place to add this picture then the guestbook. There is a page layout available with pictures.


I really love this last idea. If our guests would all fill it out we would have a wonderful keepsake of our day. But this plan also isn't foolproof.
There are two sides and a lot of questions. We won't be having a diner for all of our guests, some guests will only be there for the cocktail hour, and some will only be there for the party after the cokctail hour.
Will there be enough time to answer all of these questions? How long would it take to answer all the questions?

Should we expect people to fill these pages in while they are in line getting in? Is there time when they are waiting for their turn to get their picture taken? Or should we make a sign that they can take a page and fill it our when they are inside? Will they sit down to answer our questions?

So many questions! I just don't know what to do! Do you have advice, what should we do?

zondag 28 maart 2010

Picture Perfect Places part 2

After taking pictures in our neighbourhood we will move on the the city centre. In 's-Hertogenbosch there are a lot of cute, small streets and old buildings that give a completely different feel than the first picture location.

And after taking pictures in the city, we'll be heading to City Hall:

We'll be taking pictures outside of the building after we're married. We're thinking group pictures.

The inside of the room we'll be married in also has a very old feel to it.

Will you be using more than one picture location?

zaterdag 27 maart 2010

Something to keep my girls occupied

We have two cute flowergirls in our weddingparty. But two little girls (age 3 and 5) need something extra to keep them happy. Just looking pretty in nice dresses, and being in a wedding won't be enough to keep them happy all day.

They have to sit through a legal ceremony of about 20 minutes and a personal ceremony of about 45 minutes. I think that's pretty long, they wil think it's boooooooring. They will need a distraction. They need something to do. I found the perfect stuff to make that happen! I found a lot of Princess themed items at the Zeeman and made a package for each girl.

I got them both a princess bagpack, a princess colorbook, a princess glass, princess and my little pony stickers and three princess barbiedolls. (Do you see a theme there?) We also hav this big box of colored penns and pencils.

We also found the perfect flower girl (bridesmaids) dresses for them, but that's for another post.

Too cute, don't you tink?
What will you be doing to occupy the young ones at your wedding?

donderdag 25 maart 2010

Picture Perfect Places part 1

When I asked my guy what his ideas about a great wedding picture location would be, he was able to surprise me with his answer. Well actually shocked me into silence. He thought the that a local castle would be cute.

Okay Mister, that really isn't the vibe I am looking or. It just looks horribly old fashined to me (no ofence to the gals that do like this idea). I am going for a more modern feel. It's what folks over here did for the last 30 years. A castle just isn't really city-chique, now is it?

My idea about a rad picture location is somewhat different. I heart me some graffiti.

Rock 'n Roll bride

The other day I went scounting for te perfect places for our pictures. Walking the dog on a Sunday morning was never this much fun before.

I love these builidings that are in our block. They are a sight we're used to when we are walking the dog, and I think they look really artistic.

This cute small building was just waiting for me, looking pretty with this empty building site next to it.

And just on the other side of a dirt road there is another piece of wall-art. From a distance this graffiti wall looks a bit much, a bit crowded with small images.

But up close it is really gorgeous! I can totally see us standing there in a couple of months.

Personal pictures.

How did you find your picture location?