donderdag 25 maart 2010

Picture Perfect Places part 1

When I asked my guy what his ideas about a great wedding picture location would be, he was able to surprise me with his answer. Well actually shocked me into silence. He thought the that a local castle would be cute.

Okay Mister, that really isn't the vibe I am looking or. It just looks horribly old fashined to me (no ofence to the gals that do like this idea). I am going for a more modern feel. It's what folks over here did for the last 30 years. A castle just isn't really city-chique, now is it?

My idea about a rad picture location is somewhat different. I heart me some graffiti.

Rock 'n Roll bride

The other day I went scounting for te perfect places for our pictures. Walking the dog on a Sunday morning was never this much fun before.

I love these builidings that are in our block. They are a sight we're used to when we are walking the dog, and I think they look really artistic.

This cute small building was just waiting for me, looking pretty with this empty building site next to it.

And just on the other side of a dirt road there is another piece of wall-art. From a distance this graffiti wall looks a bit much, a bit crowded with small images.

But up close it is really gorgeous! I can totally see us standing there in a couple of months.

Personal pictures.

How did you find your picture location?

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