vrijdag 5 maart 2010

My shoes!

I have searched the world wide web for the perfect D'Orsays , I found a website that allowes you to design your own pump, but that didn't give me MY shoes. But I did find them.

I found them when I almost gave up looking for them. On a lazy saturday afternoon I was window shopping. Being the ever so decisive girl I snapped a couple of pictures and emailed them to my mom. Lucky for me she was home and just as enthausiastic about the shoes as I was.

These are the pictures I emailed her. Don't mind my jeans, I look silly pulling them up like that, but I was in a hurry to get my moms opinion.

I really LOVE my shoes!!
These Gucci beauties are dark blue satin. And even better: I caught them with a hughe discount.

My only concern is that we are planning on walking between all of our locations. Some streets in 's-Hertogenbosch we'll be walking are filled with "kinderkopjes" stones. Not really the best surface to be sporting stiletto heels.


Will I need a back-up shoe, for when my feet will get tired? Should I look for a "walking shoe" that will help me get past the hurdles of the street? I am not sure yet.

What kind of soe will you be wairing for your wedding? And did you have second thoughts after finding your shoes?

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  1. The idea of a back-up shoe sounds like a good one, except there is one thing to keep in mind: your dress most likely will be fitted for lenght while you are wearing the high heels. So when you were to switch those heels out for other shoes, your dress might end up being too long and dragging around on the floor. It'll get awfully dirty (tho that can always be remedied after the wedding I guess:)) but it also might look a bit silly?
    I haven't quite found my wedding shoes yet, but am quite taken aback by the ones with the really high heels. I just know I won't be able to walk on them comfortably for the whole day. So I'll most likely end up with something less spiffy but more comfi! :-)