zondag 21 maart 2010

Dancing shoes

I have shown you before that I have gorgeous 3" Blue Satin Gucci's. They walk like a charm, but will I be able to walk in them from 8:45 AM 'till 01:30 AM. I think my feet will object at some point.

Do I need a back up shoe? I have been checking out shoe stores in the city (and online) for the last two months. No luck there. They just don't have cute, low heeled shoes.

The back-up shoe isn't my only dilemma. Will I be able to dance the night away in my 3" heels? Will I be able to dance in them after I have walked in them the entire day? I am not so sure. After the dancing lesson for our first dance I realised something new. I need to practice my dancing skills in heels. Sure I danced on 4" heels, but that did not include the fast feet movement and the spinning I will be doing for our first dance.

I tried dancing in my own gorgeous heels while dancing our steps. *Gasp* It did not work out like I wanted. I really doubt I can pull it of. I could fall down. I could break my leg. What I need are dancing shoes. Cute dancing shoes! But I have no idea what I really need.


Is heelhight more important than heelwidth? Is the "raw" suede sole a must?
Are there brands I should look for first?

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