zondag 14 maart 2010

The dress: a beginning

I didn't have a clear view of what kind of dress I wanted to get married in. What I did know was that I don't like long, wide, white and poofy dresses. They just aren't right for me.

My sister was just finishing up her wedding planning and she had a stack of wedding magazines for me to browse. Most dresses in these magazines were long, wide, white and poofy. Most, but luckily not all. I did see one dess that caught my attention. This gorgeous Pronovias dress instantly became my inspiration dress. Long, sexy with an edge because of the colour.


A couple of weeks later it was time to pick up my sisters wedding dress. Guess what dress the manequin was wairing? Yes! It was the dress and I just had to try her on. Luckily my sister didn't mind me stealing some of her spotlight that day.

They only had a dress 3 sizes too big, but even with me holding the dress up all the time, it still gave me a good idea of the fit and flow of the dress. She was long, wide, poofy and black. I felt gorgeous wearing the dress. There were only two problems holding me back:
The sales woman informed me that they only got one shipment of Fiesta dressed and it wasn't possible to buy more of the Pronovias Fiesta collection afterwards. Bummer!
And, last but not least, my guy had only told me one thing about his vision of my wedding dress: he wouldn't like a black dress. "It's a wedding not a funeral"
Pretty bad that I still tried on the dress, but in my defence... it wás my inspiration dress.

Will these two negatives equal a positive outcome?
Did you have an inspiration dress and did it meet your expectations when you met her in real life?

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