donderdag 1 april 2010

What is really important?

I feel empty, tired and I am so sad.
My love isn't at home with me, he is in the hospital.

Yesterday when I came home from work the Mister was in bed with a splitting headache. We visited the centre of doctors (huisartsenpost) that operates after business hours. There the doctor thought he had a migraine, his first. But his bloodpressure was too high and we were referred to the emergency room in the hospital.
His bloodpressure was (and is) still too high and his bloodwork wasn't right, that's why this will be the second night I will be without my guy. The medics still don't know what''s wrong with him, but they are investigating kidney infection. But they don't know. Not knowing is terrible. I feel so helpless.

This recollection of previous events brings me to my question: what is really important? Flowers? The right shoes? The right dress> There is nothing like a tragic situation (I can't think of anything else) to set your priorities straight. I would trade it all if it would make my man healthy.

Now I am at home, alone with the dog, but I feel really alone it doesn't feel like home without him. This just makes me realise again how much I need him, and how much I want to be with him.

Did you have a moment you realised you really wanted to be with your significant other?

And do you have advise how I can make my first dress fitting tomorrow any fun? I was so looking forward to it, but now I just want to get back to my man.