dinsdag 9 maart 2010

The dress that will never be...

A couple of weeks ago we were visiting the parents of my fiancé. I had a chance to try on the wedding dress of my guys mom. She was very proud of it and still kept it in a secure bag.

Just for laughs I'll show you how I looked:

Hilarious. Don't you think?

Looking at this picture makes me wonder about the changes in fashion and wedding dress fashion. Will my kids try on my dress years from now and laugh about it, just like I laughed about this dress? Will it look old-fashioned and dated?

I don't think I need to explain why I won't be wearing this dress. My mom's dress won't be an option either. Will you be wearing the dress of your (or his) mom?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I think that that dress is cute and has lots of potential. If that were me, I would have kept it and went to work on it (trim the train and the sleeves a bit, change the neckline to be a bit more revealing)

    My mom got married in a pretty non-wedding dress and I would definitely wear that. I think the fact that it was a non-wedding dress is what made it age well. Wedding dresses are at some level a caricature of a dress, everything is big (also in the metaphorical sense) about it.

  2. Mwah. If you would have seen me in real life, you would have laughed as hard as my audience did that night. It;s also hard for me to see past the gloves and the hat.
    The fabric didn't feel very good. I don't think this could ever be a beautiful dress. Or at least not a dress that would be beautiful on me.
    Funny because the weddingpictures of my guy's parents are very nice, and the dress just fits her there.

    I did wear my moms dress to a party once. Long, no flowery things and a bit grey-blue. I like her dress... but I LOVE my dress.