zaterdag 20 maart 2010

Ceremony music

Because we will be having two ceremonies, there will be a lot of music options. I really want to have music that represents us. A mushy love song just isn't us. For the legal ceremony in City Hall we can use 3 songs. One when we are entering the room, during the signing of our Marriage certificate and the last one when leaving the room.

We still have no clue what we should use when we enter the room. This needs to be a short song or we need to use an exerpt of the song. I am guessing the desire length is 30 seconds. I was in favor of "The Wedding March" by Queen. But my guy isn't interested.

The next song we will be playing will be during us (and our withnesses) signing our Marriage certificate. We're thinking about: "Just Say Yes" by Snowpatrol. When I heard this song first, it was in a commercial and the song wasn't even available on Itunes. The words just didn't leave my mind, it would be perfect for our wedding. Now, a couple of months later, I still love this song. It's not overly sweet and it just screams wedding to me.

For our exiting song we are thinking about a Dutch song: "Alles is Liefde" by Blof. This upbeat song about love just makes me so happy. The title translates to "Everything is Love"

What will your ceremony music be? And do you have a suggestion for our room entering song?

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