woensdag 24 maart 2010

Dreaming of the day

Last night I had my first wedding related dream. Or the first I could actually remember the next morning. It was a strange dream, but that’s just how most dreams are. What stuck with me most is that this dream really strengthened my belief that I am a relaxed bride. Or at least dream-me is a relaxed bride.

My dream started at the end of our wedding day, the party was just coming to an end. There were only a dozen people left, and the DJ stopped the party without playing the final song we were planning to.
We left with the last of our guests and we went to the hotel where we had a luxurious room. I remember feeling very energetic and not tired at all, even though our day started out early.
Now this is where my dream starts getting weird.
My mobile started ringing when we were chilling in the Jacuzzi. I missed the call, but I could see that it was one of my girlfriends that had called me, and I instantly called her back. Her husband answered the phone. He barked some profanities to me and hung up on me.
Then I woke up, very confused.

This morning I had a long drive of over two ours planned, and I had enough time to think about our day.

I expected myself to be upset that a lot of people had already left, but I wasn’t. I expected myself to be upset that we didn’t get to sway to our final song, surrounded by family and friends like we intended, but I really wasn’t. I remember feeling very happy that we were married, and that we had a great day. So a couple of things didn’t go as we planned or hoped, big deal!
I don’t have any idea as to the origin of the last part of the dream. But I am not going to dwell on it, I have never been good at dream interpreting.

Did you have wedding related dreams? And did they leave you feeling relieved, like me, or did they make you anxious?

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