zondag 28 februari 2010

Cake Topper Look-A-Likes

Looking for the perfect cake topper? Why have generic shop bought toppers, when you can have your portraits in miniature on your wedding cake?!
I found the perfect cake toppers on Rock 'n Roll Bride
The only problem with these beautiful figurines is the price. They sell for about $600, and that just isn't going to fit my wedding budget. But did give me inspiration for a new kind of cake topper: the look-a-like.

I found a couple of very nice, custom made cake toppers with Etsy sellers, made from different materials:


The figurines will be made out of sustainable poplar, have burned details (on the front and back), and will be painted to resemble the happy couple. They sell for $95.


The bride and groom may be used as wedding cake toppers, table centerpiece or as a memorable gift for a newly married couple. They sell for $85.


A custom made cake toper with figurines that will resemble the bride and groom on their wedding day that are are individually hand-sculpted from polymer clay and cold porcelain. They sell for $100-150.


Polymer Clay custom wedding cake toppers who look just like you and your other half! Add your personal touch to your special day according to your taste! They sell for $100.


Custom made figurines made of polymerclay and polyresin, the figurine is 15-18 cm ( 6-7 inches) high. They sell for $160.

These keepsake bride and groom pair can be custom made to suit the colors of your wedding. All you need to do is provide photo's and details of yourself (eye color, hair, skin, suit and tie, boutonniere, dress and veil).

The last first two, wooden figurines are my favourites

Which one do you like best?

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